Electrical Compliance Checks

Is the house I own protected by RCD's and Smoke Alarms? And are they working correctly to help prevent Fire and Electrocution?

Whether in the home or in the workplace, RCD’s can only save lives if correctly checked on a regular basis.

It’s the owners’ responsibility to ensure that smoke alarms are “maintained” as per section 38P of the Building Amendment Regulations 2009 of Western Australia and to ensure that smoke alarms work correctly and have not expired.

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The Australian Wiring Rules requires RCD's to work correctly and trip within 300 milliseconds to prevent electrocution. iCheckit's electrical compliance testing equipment measures this trip time to ensure compliance.


A compliance inspection of RCD's and smoke alarms along with a certificate emailed to you or your real estate can be completed for a reasonable price of $80 per property.

Electrical Compliance Checks perth Smoke Alarm Checks Perth

electrical compliance checks perth
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