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What we offer you 

iCheckit Building Services offer 10 Year Plans that include a detailed property condition report and cost analysis.  We pride ourselves on client satisfaction and offer more than just property reports.  iCheckit BS also offer a competitive full maintenance facility too.  A ‘one stop shop’ for all your strata scheme requirements. 

Our reports are user friendly; clear, concise and easy to read.  Photos are available to Property Managers, Councils of Owners’ and other stake holders by request, or by logging onto our ‘Teams’ client folder.  We create a unique folder allocated to your strata scheme.  This is easily accessed via your strata plan address.  All information is protected by the latest software security to guarantee confidentiality for you and your clients. 

Our ‘one stop shop’, takes away the frustration of finding skilled tradesman and craftsman for repairs, review and maintenance needs.  Our certified ‘in house’ electricians, gas and plumbing tradesman, carpenters and builders are highly qualified and experienced with exceptional client relation skills. 

Flow Charts: 

Communication Flow Chart 

Delivering outstanding customer service and satisfaction is one of the key pillars in our values.  We take great pride in our organisational communication and maintenance procedures.  From the moment you contact our office via phone or email, we are here to help you. 

What happens when you contact our office? 

Once we receive your email, a return email confirms contact.  Your email is then forwarded to our supervisor who will then contact you. 

If you contact the office direct via phone, a quote (unseen) can be sent to you.  Once the quote is approved, your job is scheduled into Verizon.  Information and plans are uploaded into a 10-year plan template. 

Your strata scheme’s information and plans are uploaded into a folder created in ‘Teams’.  The supervisor will book a property inspector to attend the property and create a report.  The report will be reviewed.  If no further site inspection is required, the report and an invoice will be sent.   

If further inspection is required, the supervisor will attend the property.  The report will be collated and finalised and an invoice sent to you. 

Maintenance Flow Chart 

Our planning procedures greatly assists in managing jobs in an effective and timely manner, so we can provide you excellent service.  This extends to our maintenance work orders.  We welcome all new clients. 

Once a workorder is received and a 10 Year Plan has previously been written and quoted, it is then filed in an email folder, to be allocated to S/C and scheduled.  When the job is completed an invoice is sent. 

New clients requiring emergency maintenance, will have a team member schedule your job as a high priority in our system.  Once the job is complete, an invoice will be sent to you. 

If you are a new client and the maintenance job (is not an emergency), will be scheduled into our system.  Once one of our team has visited onsite and completed the job, an invoice will be sent. 

But, if after a site visit the job requires a particular part or extra service, a quote will be issued to you before any work commences.

To know more - or to touch base with us, call iCheckit on (08) 6271 0088 or drop an email to us at
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